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Are you looking for a way to... 

  • clear your mind

  • relieve anxiety

  • increase the quality time you spend with your family

  • increase your family vacations

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  • have more freedom to work on your goals and dreams

All while earning money so that you have the ability to...

  • meet monthly financial goals 

  • eliminate the need for a 2nd & 3rd job

  • work from the comfort of your own home

  • give charitably to non-profit organizations

  • create savings and trust funds for generational wealth

  • splurge (when you want) without guilt



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Women everywhere are struggling in search of ways that they can financially support their families and NOT have to work so many hours that they never have time to spend WITH their family... so you know we had to come through with a resource.  

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It’s time to stop the stress, the anxiety and the tug-of-war between the life you want and the time you have to create it. 


Make your dreams for your finances and your family a reality by learning how to facilitate Bling Parties and increase your monthly revenue.

This interactive workbook not only helps you define and understand the REAL reasons why you need to increase your financial income (it's not just for the sake of having more money) but it details 5 ways to maximize your monthly earning potential.

See how easy it can be to earn additional income and make your dreams for yourself and your family a reality.

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The Bag is in the Bling

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