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Bling and Bond® was created to provide lovers of BLING a fun and exciting way to take a break from the responsibilities that demand their devotion and time. Bling and Bond® assists ladies in hosting “bling parties” with their friends and family, allowing them to relax and enjoy one another all while creating fabulous, blingy works of art both in person and virtually.

Guests choose from a variety of images and colors to "bling out" during their event. Bling and Bond® is perfect for a girls' night out, ministry fellowship event, a fundraiser, a birthday party or NO occasion at all.

We've recently extended the reach of our company by launching [My] Bling and Bond® which allows women to becoming a part of the Bling and Bond® family and earn extra income coordinating and facilitating parties in their area.

Reserve your seat, schedule a private event or become a Bling and Bond® Event Specialist TODAY.

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