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Your future self is waiting on your YES!


We are on a mission to empowHER women to become business leaders by giving them the blueprint to create additional streams of income through coordinating and facilitating in-person and on-line Bling and Bond® events.

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Are you looking for a way to... 

  • clear your mind

  • relieve anxiety

  • increase the quality time you spend with your family

  • increase your family vacations

  • increase your ability to care for your extended family

  • have more freedom to work on your goals and dreams

All while earning money so that you have the ability to...

  • meet monthly financial goals 

  • eliminate the need for a 2nd & 3rd job

  • work from the comfort of your own home

  • give charitably to non-profit organizations

  • create savings and trust funds for generational wealth

  • splurge (when you want) without guilt


Women everywhere are struggling in search of ways that they can financially support their families and NOT have to work so many hours that they never have time to spend WITH their family... YOUR SEARCH IS OVER!

Yatara Talise
Creative Lead


What is the Bling Squad

  • A group of new and existing entrepreneurs who offer Bling and Bond® events as a new business or as an extension of their current business services. 

  • Bling and Bond Event Specialists coordinate and facilitate group “bling parties” as hosts celebrate occasions with their guests.

  • Parties are hosted in person and in virtual Bling rooms per the Specialist’s options / availability and the host’s preference. 

​As a Bling and Bond® Event Specialist you will...

  • operate as an independent contractor under your  own EIN or SSN 

  • receive a 1099 at the end of the each year showing your earnings

  • create and maintain your own schedule

  • have access to plug and play marketing to make money and grow your business

  • receive a customized financial plan based on your personal goals.

  • be paid a minimum of $125 / $150 per event

      ​(group of 10)

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  • Do you love "bling"?

  • Do you enjoy socializing and meeting new people?

  • Have you been searching for an easy "no experience needed" way to earn extra cash?

If you've answered yes, then join the bling squad today and learn how to turn your passion into profit.


I've tried multi-level marking in the past and never made any money.

Bling and Bond® is not a multi-level marketing opportunity. There are no tiers, your money is your money... ALL OF IT!

Can I really create an additional stream of income?

Absolutely! Each party produces a minimum of $125.


What if I have a full time job, can I still do this? 

YES. Most events are only 2-3 hours.

Can I really make money from home?

Yes. Bling and Bond® parties can be hosted on-line.

I’m not tech savvy. Would I be able to host on-line parties?

Yes. Hands on training will be provided and Squad assistance is always available.


Is it my responsibility to keep inventory and ship orders?

No. Kits are 'made to order' and shipped directly from the home office by the production team.


I don’t know a lot of people. Will I still be able to make money?

Yes. You will be provided with tools and strategies to help you increase your visibility.

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Click the 'play' button to see your guests' process and finished product.

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