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Host a Bling Party!!

with Ereka

My name is Ereka Humphrey McGinty. I am from Houston, Texas, currently residing on the outskirts in Crosby, Texas.


I am an entrepreneur at heart and my crafty spirit is all over the place, lol. I am the owner, baker, candy and treat maker of E’s Southern Sweets N Twysted Treatz. And I have been known to event plan, cater, make blankets, do balloons…you name it!


I believe we as women can often feel tired, stressed, and overwhelmed with everyday life. Which is why I am overly excited with my Bling and Bond business. The thought of bringing women together for fun, fellowship, girl’s time, unwinding, and relaxation is simply remarkable!


As your Bling and Bond Event Specialist I am so looking forward to the opportunity to not only create beautiful blinged out pictures, but to also create beautiful memories.


So go ahead! Call your girls, your closest family members, your church members, your women’s group, and your neighbors! And let’s BLING IT!


Looking forward to meeting you!

Houston, TX

Bling and Bond® Event Specialist

Ereka McGinty

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